The Easiest Way To Manage Your Field Marketing Team

  • Take Photos On-Site tagged with Site, Campaign, Person and Date/Time
  • Capture comprehensive Survey data
  • Photos and Surveys instantly available to Head Office teams
  • Watch the video

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Proof of Posting with a securely stored digital record, available 24x7. Photo tags enable easy file naming.


Capture additional information about the Site and Campaign - all uploaded in real time

Location Accuracy

GPS Location stored for each site visit and photo. Know exactly where all your assets are.

Easy Planning

Setup visits with start and end dates and times and allocate visits to individual Field Marketeers

User Management

Control who can add photos, campaigns, sites, visits and users. Provide ‘read-only’ access to let your clients view their campaigns.

Works Offline

Record photos and data in restricted areas such as petrol stations and inside venues with poor network coverage

Database Integration

Easy to integrate into your existing Campaign Management system with our well documented API


POP Check makes managing your Field Marketing team a breeze.

Watch the video

Our iPhone and Android apps are free to download onto your mobile phone. Once downloaded your team login and get started tracking Campaigns.

Installers and Merchandisers take photos and on site. These are automatically tagged with the site, campaign, person, date and time. Photos are immediately available for Head Office to access.

What's more, the app allows the on-site team to capture additional Survey information about the Campaign as well as information about the site itself - all uploaded in real time.

Head Office teams use our powerful web-based management tool to setup Visits and track the on-site team activity.

The app works offline and automatically synchronises when the network is next available allowing you to track activity when there is no network coverage.

Integrating POP Check into your existing Campaign Management system is easy. We have a well documented API that will allow you to be up and running fast. Integration support is available if required.



One-Off Surveys

per visit

  • Up to 10 photos per site
  • Photos available for 5 years
  • Unlimited installers
  • Up to 1,000 Survey Questions
  • UK Pricing: £1.00 per visit
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Regular Use: Small

per month

  • Up to 10 installers
  • 5,000 photos per month
  • Photos available for 5 years
  • Up to 1,000 Survey Questions
  • UK Pricing: £199 per month
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Regular Use: Medium

per month

  • Up to 100 installers
  • 50,000 photos per month
  • Photos available for 5 years
  • Up to 1,000 Survey Questions
  • Enterprise database integration
  • UK Pricing: £799 per month
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  • T4 Media
  • Table Talk Media
  • MBA Field Marketing
  • Focus Retail

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Recent Developments

Photo downloads - upgraded - again!

We've added a date range selector for photo downloading to our simple survey CMS. Previously this was only enabled for our comprehensive surveys. By customer request we've now switched this on for basic surveys too.

17 November 2021

Photo downloads - upgraded

We've extended the photo downloads to support really large download requests. Now downloading 10,000 photos in one go is possible. These are all packaged-up into one or more zip files and named with a tag of your choice: the location, survey question, photo tag or visit reference can all be used.

15 May 2021

Export Questions

As requested by a customer, we've added a new 'Export Questions' feature to our web-based Content Management System. Now it's easy to export previous survey question sets allowing you to re-create surveys for clients as well as a handy way to keep a log of what you've asked.

27 March 2021

Large survey support

We've increased the support for extra large surveys. Now you can have 1,000 merchandisers each visting 1,000 locations with 1,000 survey questions at each location.

16 February 2020

Android 10 support

We've added support for the latest version of Android - known as 'Android 10'.

28 January 2020

Added Support For More Conditional Questions

By popular demand, we have enhanced the types of conditional questions you can use. Now you can use logic like ‘if the answer includes xxx then show this question’ and ‘if the answer has any response then show this question’.

4 August 2019

Improved Custom Reporting

We have enhaced the custom reports you can create. Now you can tailor the report you want including all of the data elements we capture such as the location of every photo taken as well as download all or a selection of survey responses. Widely supported Excel format.

23 February 2019

More Photo Options and iPhone XS Support

We've added the option to select photos from your phone's photo album as well as take photos using the camera. You can also view previously taken photos on the phone's screen at full size. What's more we've added support for the new iPhone models XS, XS Max and XR.

14 October 2018

Improved Conditional Questions

Now you can include 'is not equal to' when you define conditional questions.

27 April 2018

Capture QR Code and Bar Code data

We've added support for QR Codes and Bar Codes so your team can scan these codes and capture the date. For Bar Codes we support 9 common types: UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, PDF417, ITF4 and Data Matrix

22 April 2018

Easy Visit Sorting

Now your field team can easily sort their visits by how close they are or by the scheduled start date of the visit

22 November 2017

iPhoneX Support

Apple's new iPhoneX is now supported by our iOS POPCheck app

1 November 2017

Require GPS and Control Visit Proximity

We've added a new option that allows you to require GPS is switched on for your field team's phones. You can also warn or block the visit if the field team is not close to the site location

6 July 2017

Documents and Notes for Visits

We added support for campaign documents and notes to allow extra files for onsite instructions

12 June 2017

Even More Flexible Site Information

Now you can show and allow your field team to edit any type of custom information about a site like the site manager's name or other bespoke details.

20 May 2017

More Android Devices Supported

We've updated the approach to Android device requirements and permissions which means more Android devices can make use of POP Check

18 March 2017

Signature Capture

Now you can capture signatures for handwritten sign-offs by the local site team or your field team. Simply sign on the smartphone to store the signature.

6 March 2017

Conditional Questions Added

Conditional questions allow the head office team to create more flexible surveys. The survey questions can change depending on the answer to previous questions. Surveys and conditions are created quickly and easily using excel.

5 January 2017

Android Marshmallow Support

We've added improved support for Android Marshmallow. This includes suporting Marshmallow's fine-grain control over user permissions.

1 September 2016